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Some Games That Are Dangerous For Children

Lowa State University Research in the United States shows that playing diversion that contains violence for just 20 minutes can "turn off feeling" According to the Director of the Indonesia Heritage Foundation, Wahyu Farrah Dina, children will easily commit violence and lose empathy for others.

Wahyu explained, currently there are many games on Play Station (PS) or amusement online or in the network (brave) on the web that contain violence. "And unfortunately this game is increasingly spreading with the rise of PS rental and the spread of web stalls (warnet)," customized structure Wahyu is quoted as saying by sahabat.kemdikbud.go.id page.

In order not to be addicted to dangerous diversions, Wahyu provides tips for handling them. First, parents need to arrange a schedule for children's amusement substitutes such as sports, art and so on.

Furthermore, parents should try to keep children away from diversion equipment and software (programming) gradually. Then put PS, computer or other amusement equipment in open space.

With other customized structures, not placed in a child's room. In addition, parents also should not introduce diversion to children under 8 years of age, except educational amusement.

The list of games that contain violence and is dangerous for children is as follows:

1.         World of Warcraft

2.         Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

3.         Call of Duty

4.         Point Blank

5.         Cross Fire

6.         War Rock

7.         Counter Strike

8.         Mortal Combat

9.         Future Cop

10.       Carmageddon

11.       Shelshock

12.       Raising Force

13.       Atlantica

14.       Conflict Vietnam

15.       Bully

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