Function Keys (Function Keys F1-F12) On Laptops and Computers

F1-f12 is recognized as a "function key" or is interpreted in the Indonesian language as a "function key", F1 to F12 may have a variety of different uses or are not used at all. Depends on the operating system installed and the software program used. A program not only uses each "function key", but also controls the function keys with the ALT and / or CTRL keys. for example, Microsoft Windows users can cancel ALT + F4 to close the active program.

Below is a short list of some common functions of the "function key" on a computer running Microsoft Windows.

As the admin mentioned above, that not all programs support all the "function keys" and / or can perform different tasks as mentioned below.


F1 = Almost always used as a help button, almost every program will open a help screen (help) when this button is pressed.

Windows key + F1 = opens "Microsoft Windows Help" and "support center".

Shift + F1 = show document format (MS Word)

ALT + F1 = Go to the next page

ALT + Shift + F1 = Go to the previous page

CTRL + ALT + F1 = Microsoft System Info Display (does not work on Windows Vista)

CTRL + Shift + F1 = Change font (doesn't work on Windows Vista).


F2 = Change the file name

Shift + F2 = Copy Text

CTRL + F2 = Print preview command (MS Word)

ALT + Shift + F2 = Save command (MS Word)

CTRL + ALT + F2 = Open command (MS Word).


F3 = Usually functions as a search feature for many programs including Microsoft Windows

Shift + F3 = Change the case of text in MS Word

CTRL + F3 = Specific program. Experiment with this one, but save your work first!

ALT + F3 = Create a building block in MS Word.


F4 = Open the "Find Window"

Shift + F4 = Repeat find or go for action (MS Word)

CTRL + F4 = will close the open window in the active window in Microsoft Windows

Alt + F4 = Close the active program. If there are no programs open, you can turn off the computer with this combination!


F5 = in all modern internet browsers, pressing F5 will refresh or reload the page.

Shift + F5 = Move to the previous revision (MS Word)

CTRL + F5 = Unconditional Refresh (refresh Internet Explorer from the Internet, not cache)

ALT + F5 = Closes the Word Program

CTRL + F5 = returns the document to Windows size (not functional).


F6 = Move the cursor to the Address bar in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Shift + F6 = Specific program. Experiment at your own risk, and don't forget to save your work first.

CTRL + F6 = A forward cycle between open windows in a program

CTRL + Shift + F6 = A back cycle between open windows in a program.


F7 = Generally used to check the spelling and grammar of documents in Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc.

Shift + F7 = Opens the Thesaurus command in MS Word.

CTRL + F7 = Program specific.

CTRL + Shift + F7 = Update information in MS Word

ALT + F7 = Look for the next misspelling or grammatical error.


F8 = Function key used to enter Windows startup menu, commonly used to enter Windows Safe Mode

Shift + F8 = Minimize the current selection (MS Word)

CTRL + F8 = Program specific. In Microsoft Project it resizes the project window.

Alt + F8 = Opens a macro menu (MS Word).


F9 (this combination only applies to MS Word)

Shift + F9 = Switch between page code and it's results

CTRL + F9 = Insert and blank page

CTRL + Shift + F9 = delete the field

ALT + F9 = Switch between all page codes and results.


F10 (Another function of MS Word)

Shift + F10 = Display the shortcut menu

CTRL + F10 = Maximize documents in a window

CTRL + Shift + F10 = Enabling to ruler (Non-functional)

ALT + F10 = Maximize the program window.


F11 = Full screen mode in all modern Internet browsers.

Shift + F11 = Go to the previous page (MS Word)

CTRL + F11 = Key field

CTRL + Shift + F11 = Activate fields

ALT + Code F11 = Display of Microsoft Visual Basic

ALT + SHIFT + F11 = Microsoft Visual Studio Code View.


Shift + F12 = Select Save command (MS Word)

CTRL + F12 = Open command options

CTRL + Shift + F12 = Select the Print print command

Such Explanations Regarding Function Keys (Function Keys F1-F12) On Computers and Leptop, Hopefully Helpful.

Download Function Keys (Function Keys F1-F12) on Leptop and Computer Here.

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