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Essential Arabic Phrases for Cheering and Supporting Teams in the UAE

Are you attending a football match in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Get ready to immerse yourself in the local culture by learning some essential Arabic phrases for cheering and supporting teams. From “Yalla” meaning “let’s go” to “Ahsant” for “well done,” these phrases will help you connect with the crowd and show your passion for the game.

Basic Phrases to Know

When attending sports events or cheering for teams in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with some essential Arabic phrases to show your support. These phrases not only express your enthusiasm but also demonstrate respect for the culture and the local language. Here are a few basic phrases that can come in handy when cheering and supporting teams in the UAE.

Greetings and Expressions:

  • “Marhaba” – Hello
  • “Ahlan wa sahlan” – Welcome
  • “Mabrook” – Congratulations
  • “Inshallah” – God willing
  • “Shukran” – Thank you

Encouragement and Support:

  • “Yalla” – Let’s go
  • “Imshi” – Move/Go for it
  • “Nahr el-asef” – Score a goal
  • “Habibi” – My dear friend
  • “A’izak Allah” – May God assist you

Cheering and Chanting:

  • “Ya ‘Ahlawi” – Oh Al Ahli fans
  • “Ya ‘Emaratiyeen” – Oh Emirati supporters
  • “Kulluna ma’ak” – We are all with you
  • “Shabab, Shabab” – Youth, Youth (common chant)
  • “Khaleej, Khaleej” – Gulf, Gulf (common chant)

These phrases should provide you with a good starting point to connect with fellow supporters and enjoy the excitement of cheering for teams in the UAE. Remember, the spirit of sports transcends language barriers, so even if your pronunciation isn’t perfect, your enthusiasm will still be appreciated. Have a great time supporting your favorite teams!

Popular Chants and Cheers

Popular Chants and Cheers

In the vibrant sports culture of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), cheering and supporting teams is an integral part of the fan experience. Whether you are attending a football match, a basketball game, or any other sporting event, familiarizing yourself with essential Arabic phrases for cheering can enhance your participation and make you feel part of the passionate crowd.

Famous Team Chants

1. “Al-adwaar!” (The wheels!) – This chant is commonly used to rally support for a team. It signifies that the team is unstoppable like a vehicle with spinning wheels.

2. “Yalla hayy!” (Come on, let’s go!) – This chant is used to encourage the team to give their best effort and keep fighting until the end.

3. “Sa’adah ya Jazaa!” (Victory, oh Jazaa!) – Jazaa is the name of the team, and this chant is a direct call for victory, showing unwavering support to the players.

Player-Specific Cheers

1. “Messallih!” (The leader!) – This cheer is dedicated to the team’s captain or a particularly influential player, acknowledging their leadership skills.

2. “Rijal!” (Men!) – Shouted in unison, this cheer acknowledges the team’s male players, displaying an appreciation of their hard work and dedication.

3. “Siqayah!” (Shoot!) – Uttered when a player is in a scoring position, this chant urges them to unleash a powerful shot and score a goal.

Key Phrases to Support the Team

1. “Min al-qalb, natma’ak!” (From the heart, we support you!) – This phrase is a powerful declaration of support, letting the team know that the fans are behind them wholeheartedly.

2. “Al-wifaq! Al-wifaq!” (Unity! Unity!) – Chanting this phrase unites the crowd and encourages everyone to come together in supporting the team as a unified force.

3. “Ila al-nasr!” (To victory!) – A common phrase used to spur the team on towards success, it reflects the collective desire for triumph.


Feel free to adapt these chants and cheers based on the specific team you are supporting or the sport you are watching. The key is to get involved, show your enthusiasm, and enjoy the thrilling atmosphere created by passionate fans around you. Cheer, chant, and embrace the spirit of sportsmanship!

Showing Respect to the Opposing Team

When attending a sporting event, it is important to not only cheer for your own team but also show respect to the opposing team. Demonstrating sportsmanship and fair play can create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. Here are some tips on how to show respect to the opposing team:

1. Applaud Good Plays

Regardless of which team makes a good play, show your appreciation by applauding. This gesture acknowledges the skill and effort put in by the opposing team and fosters a sense of camaraderie among fans.

2. Avoid Offensive Chants or Gestures

While it’s natural to support your team passionately, it’s important to avoid using offensive chants or gestures towards the opposing team. Respectful cheering and positive encouragement create a more inclusive and respectful environment.

3. Don’t Boo or Disrespect Opposing Players

Avoid booing or disrespecting individual players on the opposing team. Remember that they are also talented athletes who deserve respect for their abilities. Instead, focus on supporting and cheering for your own team.

4. Engage in Friendly Banter

Friendly banter between fans can add excitement to the game, but ensure it remains light-hearted and respectful. Avoid crossing the line into personal attacks or offensive language.

5. Appreciate Both Teams’ Efforts

Acknowledge the hard work and dedication of both teams. Recognize the efforts they have put into their training and preparation. Celebrate the spirit of competition and be grateful for the entertainment they provide.

By following these tips, you can contribute to a positive and respectful atmosphere during sporting events. Remember, showing respect to the opposing team not only reflects well on you as a fan but also promotes a sense of unity among all supporters.


In conclusion, having knowledge of essential Arabic phrases for cheering and supporting teams in the UAE is an invaluable asset. By using these phrases, you can demonstrate your enthusiasm and appreciation for the local sports culture, fostering a stronger sense of connection and camaraderie with fellow fans and team members.

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