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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss - www.dapodik.co.id

The overweight or adiposity is increasing all over the world. In the United States, one in two people who are overweight, in Germany the ratio is 1/3 of the population. That means that in Germany alone, more than 25 million people are overweight and suffer the associated consequences such as myocardial infarction, apoplexy, diabetes, etc. According to WHO, overweight is a disease often overlooked and ignored now.

Overweight is a kind of addiction. Certificate or eat just like other types of addiction: it is a symptom, a manifestation of the unresolved emotional issues. The food may suppress these problems, along with accompanying emotions, and there is a way to solve the problem of the unconscious. Uncontrolled eating is an addiction, and only with the will and reason is not enough to overcome this addiction.

On such basis, the diet can not solve the problem of weight loss. The change in diet to foods for better health, have always been advised to do, but this does not solve the root problem. So millions of people have experienced that, just a diet will never result in long-term, despite its name heard asked how much, and how great promises.

People who suffer from severe obesity, the whole day will be forced to think about eating. They wake up with the thought: "Today I would like to eat?". It totally just thought of an alcoholic!

How much useful advice, along with bouts of dieting, and all other measures, not for the results you want, because we have ignored a real problem to be solved. The correct treatment is to find and treat the root problem. After the problem has been handled really, patients no longer have to eat a bunch of food and sweets in vain. Return to normal eating habits, and body weight began to drop. Also after treatment was the cause of the problem, then we can help patients lose weight in a natural and healthy, by hypnotic suggestion (natural weight loss is done in unconscious without forced dieting).

If you yourself are having overweight problems, but do not believe in the unconscious cause of your eating disorder, then just try to put yourself questions such as: problem start eating when? This problem especially increased in those situations? Everyone in the family is also suffering from overweight? What happens when the last time you reach your desired weight? Do you eat when not hungry? Do you eat when scared or upset or disappointed? Only by that question I'm sure you'll understand their reasons.

Hypnosis therapy is particularly suited to support weight loss. The basic reason is that, through hypnosis to find out and disable the causes of eating. Normally, this is the psychological reason lies in the unconscious). Besides, thanks to hypnosis people will establish new eating habits, have a good effect and very beneficial to the process of change and development of the human body.

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